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By identifying and addressing the gap that currently exists in the MD curriculum of UBC with our advocacy initiatives, we hope that medical trainees will graduate UBC Medicine and complete their residency training at UBC as truly culturally competent physicians with an improved understanding of the unique health needs and challenges of the Black community.



Through our community events, we will be able to promote and foster a safe learning and working environment that can support UBC Black medical learners, and physicians who have been instrumental in contributing to the larger University community with their clinical, research and advocacy work

despite tackling multiple layers of structural racism.



Through our mentorship efforts, we hope to inspire and support young Black students in BC to join the medical school and improve the stark Black underrepresentation that has existed at UBC Medicine for the last 70-years. Having a medical class that is truly diverse and inclusive benefits all UBC trainees and educators, as students and trainees with lived experiences provide uniquely rich perspectives that elevates the medical community at UBC as a whole.

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